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PINnacle Tackboard

PINnacle is Homasote’s finely sanded, soft-textured, formaldehyde-free tackboard for interior and protected exterior use. PINnacle tackboard is the perfect material for any home and workstation, as it is designed to be flexible in its use. Its velvet finish is popular with schools, hospitals, and museums for all types of design and display work. It can be used for many other types of projects at all levels in life as well. Your children can use them for their science fair projects as backdrops for their projects and the information that they are presenting, while they are also ideal for professional presentations in university and conferences. PINnacle has the high pin-retention and durability of 440 Homasote® with a new elegance that requires little or no additional finishing or edge treatment.

Homex 300 Expansion - Joint Filler

Homex 300 is a unique material that does double duty as light duty forming material for walkways, patios, pool aprons and driveways and as an expansion joint where masonry or concrete walls meet outside aprons, walks, patios or steps. Concrete Expansion Joint is installed during the pouring of concrete slabs. Homex 300 expansion strips are manufactured in 4-inch-wide strips that are 10 feet long. The strips are one-half inch thick and composed of Homosote Fiber. When the strips are inserted between concrete sections they allow for concrete to move or expand. For example, a 10-foot concrete section is poured and allowed to dry, and another 10- foot section is poured against the previous one, with the expansion strip between the previous section that has dried before the next is poured. Homex 300 can also be used to form the shape of the slab to be poured, such as curved walkways or driveways. If wood is used to form out your project, just remember to remove the wood at the edge of your next pour to inset your Expansion Joint before you pour the next section.

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