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Our Decorative Porch Columns and Posts
Make a Fine Addition to Any Home.

These ResinArt columns are high load bearing, available in smooth or fluted, round or square, tapered in the Greek Tradition and are 30 percent lighter than our competition. Our Columns are among the finest in the industry today. Resinart offers a full line of column capitals, which include Tuscan, Roman Ionic, Scamozzi, Roman Corinthian, Modern Composite, Temple of the Winds,and Greek Erectheum. Attic, Bases.

Resinart is one of the biggest manufacturers of all things home decorative and Tibbetts Lumber is a proud affiliate and supplier of their products.

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Browse through our catalog at our wide selection of Columns and Bases.

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Tibbetts Lumber also offers a selection of porch posts that are similar, but on a smaller scale than columns for other Porch and Patio options.

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