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HFX Series Panels

The Hardy Frame® Panel comes in widths of 9", 12", 18" and 24". The 9" through 18" widths are a one-piece C-Section that is enclosed at the top and bottom with channels. The bottom channel has a 3/4" thick, 3-1/2" wide plate washer built in, that extends the entire width of the panel. There are slotted holes provided at each end of the product to receive hold down bolts and there are screw holes provided for attaching to wood floor systems. The top channel has a screw hole pattern, which facilitates attachment to members above. The slotted holes in the top channel mirror those in the bottom, but there is no plate washer.

HFX Brace Panels

The Hardy Frame® HFX-Series Brace Frame are available in widths of 32" and 44". Brace frames are a rectangular shape with a single diagonal member, which resists lateral loads in both tension and compression. The two vertical end posts and the diagonal member are rectangular, tube shapes. All four corners have 3/4" thick plate washers for built-in hold-downs. The vertical and diagonal members are capped at the top and bottom with channels. These channels mirror each other with a stamped hole patterns hold down anchors and screws. There are also non-structural “field” for the purpose of attaching surface finishes.

Hardy – Moment Frame

In January 2006, Hardy Frames, Inc., manufacturer of the Hardy Frame® panel and Hardy Frame® brace frame, joined forces with SidePlate Systems, Inc. to develop a standardized moment frame for the residential and light commercial industry. As a result of this partnership, the Hardy Frame® Moment Frame was developed. The Hardy Frame® moment frame is a state-of-the-art, pre-fabricated, pre-engineered system that utilizes the new-generation SidePlate® moment connection technology to resist lateral forces from high wind and earthquake loads. This breakthrough system allows buildings to be designed with larger openings and less wall area while exceeding the most stringent building code requirements for moment frame construction.

Hardy Z - 4 Products

Z4, a Hardy Frame® product line, was established to provide the engineering community design solutions with the most comprehensive ICC recognized structural hardware in the industry. Products that are simple in design, easily and accurately installed with unparalleled performance and reliability. Quality products include, the Quick-Connect continuous rod system, used in multi–family wood framed construction. Also included, our Tension Only Device or (T2), which is a unique hold down product replacing traditional hardware, and our Compression & Tension Device or (CT) which frequently is designed within a wood roof diaphragm.

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