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Field Fencing
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Alligator Brand Field Fencing

If you have a yard or a large property or just have a piece of land that you need secured, we have the fence wire that you can use to achieve that goal. Alligator brand field fences are the quality fences you are looking for to maintain your property and keep your land secured and private. These Alligator brand fences provide safe and secured areas for horse breeders and other animals.

Alligator brand fences possess the maximum strength and durability of many different fencing types that will give you many years of service, because of the double galvanizing process that many other fencing manufactures do not supply. This reinforces the integrity of the fence and makes it more durable and resistant to outside forces.

High Tensile Woven Field Fence

The high tensile woven field fence is a wire fence that uses the double galvanized process to strengthen each individual wire that is woven into the mesh that creates the fence. You cannot go wrong with a wire fence that is made with such skill.

Standard Roll Specifications - 47” high x 330 ft. long

Low Carbon - Class 3 Galvanized Fence
The low carbon fence wire possesses double the galvanizing of a regular fence. This allows Alligator fences to provide a better quality of product than most other competitors.

Free Delivery On All fencing In the Service Areas of our Locations.

Helpful Reminder:
· Make sure you have a current survey of your property.
· Check with City and County officials to see if a building permit is required.
· Check for utilities before digging.
· Calculate Number of Panels, Gates and Posts required to complete your fence.
· Make sure you have coated fence staples, post.
· Tools you may need..Post hole digger,Shovel,Wire Cutters, measuring tape.
· Follow detailed installation instructions.

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