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Flexible Moulding Products

Flexible mouldings are the original economic alternative to curved wood applications where wood mouldings simply won’t bend. Having mouldings for your home that can adapt to the environment as you decide to change it can be more beneficial to your home. Discriminating architects, builders, contractors, remodelors, designers, and homeowners consistently ask for DuraFlex mouldings, developed by the ResinArt Company in 1967, when they have a job that requires a high quality of product. Our long-standing history has served our clients well in that they know that at Tibbetts Lumber we only offer the best quality of materials.

Stocking Products

Welcome to ResinArt, specialty applications include:
Mouldings that will help our clients frame their windows, stairwells, doors and window arches, or ceiling and floor trims. These wall, window and door mouldings can be formed to the exact specifications that you are hoping to fill in your home and create the perfect design and environment that you are striving to attain in your home. The ResinArt products that we provide at Tibbetts Lumber are well made and durable, as well as being flexible for the job at hand.

The advantages of DuraflexTM

In addition to its flexibility and superior longevity, finished DuraFlex is insect proof; moisture proof, and can withstand extreme heat… new pic supplied for here and cold without warping, cracking, or deteriorating. Duraflex can be used on the interior or exterior and can withstand any harsh environmental conditions. Duraflex™ and Xtraflex™ mouldings are an easy and economic alternative for half round windows, arches, ellipticals, ovals, curved walls, dormers and many other radius applications.

ResinArt, the originator of flexible trim mouldings, first introduced this problem solving, innovative product to the building industry in the 1967 and is now the largest manufacturer of flexible moulding worldwide.

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Decorative Trim Mouldings

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Welcome to our White Pine Moulding section. Listed below are page Categories of Moulding types. Please click open next to each page to visit the page with the type of profiles you may be interested in.

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Moulding and Trim
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Do It Once... Do It Right... Never Go Back To Wood !®

Our wide assortment of decorative mouldings adds eye-catching style to any home interior or exterior.

Royal Mouldings the largest producer of decorative polymer and Cellular Vinyl moulding extrusion components and systems in North America, we offer the most extensive selection of stock and custom color products available. Royal Mouldings is recognized for finishing expertise and close tolerance extrusions and the standard for quality in the industry.

Royal Decorative Moulding

Moulding that maintains its beauty and sustains its value for all of your exterior projects. From porches and windows to eaves and entryways, our wide assortment of decorative mouldings adds eye-catching style to any home exterior. And because each component is factory-finished and ready to install, you avoid costly finishing delays caused by poor weather.

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Window & Door Surrounds

Royal teamed up with Marianne Cusato on a beautiful new collection of window, door and garage surrounds. A thought leader in the fields of architectural and building design, Marianne Cusato has teamed with Royal Moulding & Trim to design a series of window and door surrounds to add character and style to any home. The Envelop® system combines some of our most popular profiles to create unique, classic, yet cost-effective architectural features for your home.

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Door and Window Trim

Our accessories are paintable, resist moisture and mold and are backed by a lifetime never rot warranty. Royal trim components complete the picture by adding an extra dash of eye-catching beauty to every window and door. Made from incredibly durable PVC, these components are moisture-proof, pre-finished and ready to install. The result? Minimal installation time for contractors and minimal maintenance for homeowners. All of the components below are ideal solutions for windows and entry doors, and complement the style of any home.

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Decorative Moulding Profiles

Royal moulding accessories allow you to create custom touches that add real value and curb appeal using only a few profiles. Made from durable, low-maintenance, 100% cellular PVC, each component is factory-finished and ready to install. All Royal moulding accessories are moisture- and termite-proof and resist mold and mildew..

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ClearWood® Interior Moulding

Royal Clearwood® is a patented natural grain and coating process that can be finished in the home using traditional stains and paints. The product is proven to offer a natural finished look of wood without the time, mess and continuous maintenance of wood. Clearwood® offers the ability to custom or faux finish to match your existing or new décor.

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Moulding and Trim Warranty

Download our Royal limited residential Warranty Moulding,Trim and Trimboard products click below.

Residential Warranty
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