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One Step Tape & Joint Compound Application
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TapeBuddy Drywall Taping tool

The new one step drywall tape and joint compound application tool.

TapeBuddy® drywall taping tools have proven to be the solution to a difficult task. Its lightweight construction, easy-to-use design and inexpensive cost make it the perfect tool for any drywall taping project. Not only has the application of TapeBuddy® been successful in remote parts of the world, stackability and user-friendly packaging makes it feasible to ship to global markets or to retailers in the United States or Canada. Like all products from Buddy Tools LLC, TapeBuddy® allows You to “Work Like a Pro.

TapeBuddy the Simple Solution for all
Your Drywall Finishing Projects

The TapeBuddy drywall taping tool is a lightweight and easy to assemble taping tool that applies an even amount of joint compound directly to the joint tape. Simply load with paper or FibaFuse® tape and All-Purpose joint compound, pull out the coated tape, cut, apply to the seam and embed. There is no need to pre-mud drywall joints or carry around heavy tools. Taping walls, corners and ceilings is fast with no mess. A great DIY tool giving professional results on a DIY budget. It is easy-to-use and the perfect tool for any drywall taping project. Each tool comes with step by step instructions and a FAQ sheet.

Less Frustration with more Productivity.
Four Steps and your ready to go.

• One step drywall tape and joint compound application • Choice of two controlled compound thicknesses • Smooth even coat of compound applied to tape • Used industry standard paper or FibaFuse® tape. • Applies more compound to the tape center • Made of HDPE heavy duty plastic that will never rust • Made to sit on a 5 gallon bucket

Step 1

Select the appropriate end of the insert to place in the tool. This determines the thickness of compound you want applied.

Step 2

Feed drywall tape from the tape holder with the center crease up and out through the tape gate.

Step 3

Fill the reservoir with "All Purpose Joint Compound". No special compound is needed.

Step 4

Pull the mudded tape to the desired length needed and cut the mudded tape with your joint knife.

BuddyTape Wins National Hardware Show Award.

TapeBuddy tools won the 2013 National Hardware Show Retailers Choice Award for innovation profitability and excellence.

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