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PreCast Sills
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Pre-cast concrete products makes any construction job a breeze!

Cast-Crete is one of the nation’s largest pre-cast concrete U-lintel manufacturers and Tibbetts Lumber has a great working relationship with them, which allows us to provide these products for our clients at the best prices. Cast-Crete offers the only lifetime guarantee in the industry on their products, and that makes them the best option for your concrete jobs in the business. Cast-Crete products save labor and materials and improve structural integrity on every job.

High Strength Lintels

Engineers recommend and specify Cast-Crete products with confidence because our products are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines and have passed the most important test: the test of time. They have a number of pre-cast products that are manufactured for easy use, using everything from sills to lintels, doorways and frames.

PreCast Sills

Machine made, ensuring uniform dimensions. Water dam and sloped face directs water away from window assembly. Sills are sand finish and bonds better to mortar, stucco and for painted areas than a smooth concrete finish.

Fc precast sill=3000psi, 600 lbs per foot, safe wind lateral load rating on ACI530 when sill is set in full bed of type M or S mortar.

Heavy Duty Parking Bumbers

Our parking bumbers are machine made, ensuring uniform dimensions and proper placement of reinforcing steel. Finish is block texture. Paint will adhere better than a smooth concrete surface.

Bumbers are 5" high available in 3’0" lengths or 6’0" lengths.

Product Information and Photos in pdf format to download or read.

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- Bumpers

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