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Split Rail Fencing
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Ideal for marking a property line or drive.

Split Rail Fencing

If you’re the kind of homeowner who likes to cut installation costs by doing it yourself, then West Virginia Split Rail is the fence for you. West Virginia Split Rail has perfected their products, so that they are not difficult to assemble, but they will give you the satisfaction of installing your properties own securing fences for you family and animals. Equipped with only a post-hole shovel, string and level you are able to provide a warm, natural border to your property that will take on the finish you want.

2 Rail Split Rail Fencing

Left unfinished, West Virginia Split Rail will weather to a natural gray, and because West Virginia Split Rail is made only from hardwoods it will take both paint and stain to achieve any color desired. If you want a different color, then we suggest using primers before coating the wood with paint, as it will help your posts retain the color of the paint better. The paint or stain of your choice is simply applied after the fence has been installed. Your local building supply dealer has everything you need to complete your job. This is a project that you can enjoy, and Tibbetts Lumber will be proud to help start you on your way.

2 Hole Post Specifications

Standard Rail Specifications

Helpful Reminder:
· Make sure you have a current survey of your property.
· Check with City and County officials to see if a building permit is required.
· Check for utilities before digging.
· Calculate Number of Panels, Gates and Posts required to complete your fence.
· Follow detailed installation instructions.

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