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Approved By the Florida Building Code Commission

Architects, Builders, Code Officials and Homeowners are all turning to SMART VENT® automatic foundation flood vents to protect homes from the devastation and destruction that a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster can cause. SMART VENTS foundation flood vent is uniquely designed to provide both flood protection and ventilation in these instances and is the only vent certified to meet the requirements as set forth by FEMA and the NFIP for all homes or buildings located in a floodplain.

During a flood event, poorly protected homes will give way to hydrostatic pressure caused by quickly rising floodwater, crumbling foundations and buckling garage doors. The hurricane resistance of many homes can be substantially improved if steps are taken to reduce the chance of structural damage from floodwater. Give your clients unparalleled protection. Specify Smart Vent.

1540-510 Dual Function SMART VENT® 16" wide x 8" tall - 200 sq/ft of flood venting coverage per vent

Flood Protection:

The SMART VENT® door is latched closed until it comes in contact with floodwater. Entering floodwater lifts the patented internal floats, which unlatch and allow the door to rotate open.

This allows the floodwater to automatically enter and exit through the frame opening, relieving the pressure from the foundation walls.

How do the models differ?


A bimetal coil automatically opens and closes the ventilation louvers as temperature changes.

No electricity is required. The louvers will be fully closed at 35* and fully opened at 75*. Regardless of the louvers' position; opened or closed, in the event of a flood, the internal floats lift to release the flood door to rotate open and relieve the hydrostatic pressure of the floodwater. Some of the qualities of our flood protection system are as follows:

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Dual Function SMART VENT®

1540-520 Insulated FLOOD VENT – 16" wide x 8" tall 200 sq/ft of flood venting coverage per vent: Standard Finish: Stainless Steel

The insulated flood vent model is certified to provide insulated flood protection only. This model should be used for a garage or conditioned space, where flood protection is required but ventilation is not desired. For situations where a sealed crawlspace is being utilized in a flood plain, flood protection is still required and the flood vent model is the perfect fit for those applications. The all stainless steel design insures product sustainability throughout numerous different conditions.

Insulated FLOOD VENT

1540-514 Dual Function Overhead Door Model, 16" wide x 8" tall

Certified to cover 200 sq/ft of enclosed area for flood and 51 sq/in for natural air ventilation, the flood vent is one of the best protections you have for your home against inclement weather, and comes in many styles. The Overhead Door Model installs into a standard garage door. All Overhead Door models come standard with powder coat painted white from the factory.

Pour-in-Place Vinyl Buck

Available for 16" x 8", 16" x 16", & 32" x 16" flood vents the durable PVC buck comes in widths from 5 1/2" to 12", nominal and full sizes. Pour-in-Place buck kits come fully assembled ready to install with a protective film and wood bracing that protects the buck and flood vent when the wall is poured.

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