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Aluminum and PVC (Vinyl) Windows

AWP Windows and Doors has been manufacturing high quality, Miami Dade County and Florida State approved windows and doors since 1958. We are experts in servicing the South Florida market, which is isolated from the rest of the country because of its strict building codes and impact requirements. In addition our comprehensive, full line of approved products allow us to fit ALL Florida construction methods. AWP, LLC beats the rest when it comes to new construction or remodeling, block construction or wood framing. We are capable of supplying products specific to each application throughout the State to enable consumers to select the right product for the right job at the right price.

Long lasting Quality Products

AWP, LLC has always been a company that produces high quality windows and doors that most contractors, builders and homeowners need. These consumers projects vary and to select the right product for the right job is important. This is where Tibbetts Lumber can be a big help. Just contact us about your next job and project needs and we will be happy to furnish you with a quote and answer any question you may have.

Quality and on time Service

Since AWP came into existence, they have supplied products only to distributors, lumberyards, hardware stores, builders, contractors and exporters. This allows them to manufacture their products in volume. By dealing with a knowledgeable industry, they are able to concentrate more on service than on sales, since their network of distributors will do the all the sales, like our service people at Tibbetts Lumber Co.

Impact Windows and Doors

Impact View Features

Eliminates the labor cost and anxiety of installing shutters each time there is a hurricane warning.

Minimal maintenance. Costs less than many types of permanent shutters. Competitive with even the temporary shutters because repeatedly saves the labor cost of shutter installation.

Does exactly what windows are supposed to do offer people a view!

Specialty Product Information
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Casement Brochure
French Door Brochure
Single Hung Brochure
Specialty Brochure
Rolling Window Brochure
AWP Door & Window Products

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