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Wood Fencing
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Pressure Treated Wood Fencing Products

Our outdoor wood products are pressure-treated with code-approved environmentally sound preservatives that provide a resistance to decay and termites. By extending the life of wood that’s intended for exposure to the outdoors, the environmental benefits are positive. This can be demonstrated through the benefit that trees provide the environment, and the natural benefit they provide for the indigenous wildlife. Tibbetts Lumber is conscientious about the environment, which is why our bright lumber and panels are selected only from mills that consistently produce quality products.

6 x 8 Stockade P.T. Fence Panels

Pressure treatment gives the fence products protection against fungal decay and termite attack. These treatments are some of the programs we use to maintain the highest levels of efficacy for our wood products. This allows us to provide warranties against decay and termites as we are constantly finding better ways to protect against them. Constructed of treated pine boards and fastened with coated ring shank nail, this renewable building material is widely available and relatively economical. This Fencing is long lasting and provides you the security you desire for your property’s fences and family.

Free Delivery On All fencing In the Service Areas of our Locations.

6 x 8 Board On Board P.T. Fence Panels

6 x 8 Shadow Box Fence Panels

Picket Fence Panels

Fence Gates 44” x 6’

5/8” x 4 “ P.T. Fence Slats

Helpful Reminder:
· Make sure you have a current survey of your property.
· Check with City and County officials to see if a building permit is required.
· Check for utilities before digging.
· Calculate number of panels, gates and posts required to complete your fence.
· Follow detailed installation instructions provided on the wood fence brochure.

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